Saving  the Scarlet Macaw.

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Macaw Conservation is dedicated to the conservation and sustainable recuperation of wild Scarlet Macaw and Great Green Macaw populations throughout Central America. Through a combination of community engagement, environmental education, forest restoration, captive breeding and soft release techniques, we promote the reintegration of these charismatic species into the ecosystems to which they used to belong.


Macaw Conservation operating exemplar rescue, rehabilitation and reintroduction programs throughout Central America, and promoting best practices informed and driven by scientific data, in collaboration with governments, universities and conservation organizations.


Only 400 Great Green Macaws and 3000 Scarlet Macaws left.*

*Current estimated wild population in Costa Rica


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Macaw Blogunteer

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We invite you to live the Macaw Conservation experience through the eyes of our volunteers.

Check out our first blog entry from Kuba, a MCCR volunteer.

Evenings and Nights

Every day at the same time, just before sunset I‘m watching dozens, maybe hundreds of amazon parrots flying over the farm. They make their daily flight from feeding grounds to the place where they overnight. It’s a very impressive wildlife show. I love just to sit on the balcony after sunset and listen. It is like a natural symphony. Sounds of insects, nocturnal birds and frogs make for a really exotic atmosphere. The hundreds of fireflies make visual efects of this natural performance :).

Sometimes during the night, the dogs start barking. It is very safe place, just close to the forest. I saw tracks of the tapir only twenty metres from the house. That makes the place even more special. I used to read about animals like this, or see them in the zoo. But now, they are my neighbours.

-- Kuba, MCCR volunteer