Photo by Kuba Rados

Photo by Kuba Rados



Monkeys, macaws, sunny days and rainy moments too, all in the same place! Meeting lots of people and exploring the unique wilderness of the Osa Peninsula. This is all part of what Macaw Conservation’s Volunteer Program is all about!  Want to join us? Our rescue, rehabilitation and release center in the Osa Peninsula is still relatively new, and so there is a lot of varied work to do for volunteers as we expand the facilities to be able to rescue more injured birds and illegally-kept pets.  

You will also meet lots of new people, have time to explore the pristine wilderness of the Osa Peninsula, and have the opportunity to immerse yourself in genuine Costa Rican culture.

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I found friends and fun

Honestly I went in expecting to lose myself in labor and solitude but preferredly I found friends and fun and companionship and I can never thank you all enough for that.  -- Josh, USA.

My life was changed after volunteering and working with Chris Castles.

The passion, knowledge and determination Chris and his team have is contagious. That passion spread to me, igniting the need to do more for parrot conservation. I started my very own NGO to complement Chris’ work and help him in the fight to save the scarlet and great green macaws. The team behind Macaw Conservation is an inspiration and their work is truly important to macaw populations.  -- Jenna, USA.

I had a fantastic time.

I loved the work, and I loved the macaws so much. It was like everything I ever wanted put together and tied with a ribbon! I'm so grateful I got to share the macaws with you, and all your amazing knowledge and awesome company. Thank you so much for this opportunity! I’ll be back!  -- Paige, UK.

Working with Chris and Macaw Conservation was an unforgettable experience.

Getting to know the macaws as chicks, watching them grow, getting to know each of their individual personalities and then ultimately releasing them into the wild and watching them fly free was incredibly rewarding. Chris and the other staff at the project were all amazing, dedicated people with an inspirational passion. All in all, an invaluable life-experience and I look forward to returning someday to see how June, Zeus, Geoffrey and the other birds are doing.  -- Charlie, UK.

I had the best time volunteering with Macaw Conservation!

Chris and his team are easily the most inspirational people I have ever met and his genuine love and dedication to the macaws is evident from day one. I learnt so much about macaws - their biology, behavior and conservation - as well as staying in a beautiful place amongst lots of other interesting wildlife. The best thing is you can really tell that the project is making a real positive impact on macaw populations.  -- Rachel, UK. 

It was a wonderful experience to work with Chris.

His passion for, dedication to, and knowledge of the birds is inspiring. My life was changed by my experience working in Costa Rica.  -- Christy, USA.


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